Productivity Bundle by Michelle Garrett

Productivity Bundle

A bundle of resources to for female entrepreneurs to set themselves up for success in 4th quarter and beyond. Some of my amazing friends have shared their products and services to help us be more productive, focused and energized as we close out 2020 and kickstart 2021.

12 Week Sprint Plan

Connect & Learn's 12-Week Sprint Plan is the perfect way to tackle Q1 for 2021. Take your big goals and break each into smaller pieces, then tackle one week at a time. Use this printable planner for short, focused sprints to make big changes in your business. Create habits that are non-negotiable, and learn how to reflect each week so you can improve your focus and productivity.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Dawn Lopez's 15 Ways To Upgrade Your Photos Now. ebook is here for you!

Taking your photography to the next-level is easier than you think. EVERYONE can do it with these super simple out-of-the-box tips.

Podcasting Help is Here!

Meet 1:1 with Katherine Shorter to brainstorm the creation or improvement of a podcast.

What's included?

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#MDGBizBoost Digital Downloads
2021 BizBoost Themed Content Social Media Prompts
6.25 MB
Home Office Organization Checklist
18.7 KB
How to be more productive with your time and tasks
Business Productivity Checklists
767 KB
Habit Tracker
8.63 KB
Monthly Calendar with Goals
1.08 MB
25 Ways to Achieve Balance in Your Life
107 KB
34 Easy Tips to Increase Your Productivity
16 KB
Morning Routine
Creating a Morning Routine
14 mins
Printable: Daily Planner
551 KB
100 Days of Visibility
Challenge Access
End of Year Goal Planning Workbook and Video
2020 Goal Planning Session REPLAY
39 mins
Goal Planning Session Workbook
1.81 MB
Connect & Learn Blogging Community
12-Week Sprint Plan
101 KB
CLBC 12 Week Sprint Planner
1.07 MB
Dawn Lopez |
15 Ways To Upgrade Your Photos Now
372 KB
15 Tips Photo Ebook
13.2 MB
Katherine Shorter | Podcasting Consultant
Podcast Consulting with Katherine
279 KB
That Perception Chick
Conquering Canva
130 KB
Conquering Canva Training
(1h 33m 48s)
Brandi Riley, Courage to Earn
Learn To BERG
640 KB
The BERG Method | An Interview with Brandi Riley
33 mins
Creating A Social Media Challenge
41.5 KB
Cait Blakely Creative
The Crazy Happy Business Planner
1.25 MB