So You Wanna Blog by Michelle Garrett

So You Wanna Blog

A one-on-one session to answer your blogging questions.

Have you started a blog recently?

Do you need feedback and guidance on how to make your blog standout and get more traffic?

I have been blogging professionally for 11 years. Throughout that time I have worked with numerous bloggers, small business owners and corporate companies to help set their websites up for success.

Do you want to start a blog and have no idea where to start?

Blogging can seem overwhelming. We have so many great ideas and want to make sure we present them to our community in a way that will truly help them.

Let's Chat!

During our 1 hour session you will have the opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions, feedback on your website or blog idea. 

You will, also, receive all of the episodes from my So You Wanna Blog series in one spot with added resources to set you up for success.

Meet Michelle D. Garrett

Michelle D. Garrett wants female entrepreneurs to embrace their inner diva and become driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action while learning to make money by showing up consistently. A wife, mom, and mental health advocate she teaches women in business how to find the “right for them” balance between family, life, and work. 

Michelle focuses on:
  • sharing work-life balance with her community
  • transitioning from working full-time outside the home to being self-employ